I am Creative Response

I appear as the created, but i remain always as creator. My private identity is always in a state of creation. My public identity is merely a result of that process. Therefore my creation has nothing to do with me anymore. My creating in the present moment is all that i am and ever will be. Everything else is a story not me. And as long as i am able to separate the creator from the created i am free to tell any story. To me every story will be old news. That way i can fully emerse myself in the story i am living right here right now. All i need to do is create now, always new.


My public identity becomes something playfull, a piece of art i can adjust and decorate as i like, because i will never be it. I will always remain the creator of now.
My Mission Statement is: I’m gonna create a star for them and something pretty to look at for myself. I know what it’s like to watch a star, someone in the public eye making their moves. I am never there experiencing their moves with them, but i imagine their move by watching the result, the artwork, the story, the scandal. All i get to experience is the story. So i appreciate someone who tells the story in an uplifting and relateble way. The authenticity of the story is not so important to me as the authenticity of the telling. I love when someone creates fiction, because they love to. When they have to, i am not interested. I don’t care about the truth of the story, but the truth told by the story. In conclusion: I will create my image the way i would love to experience it. I want to have fun telling my stories, not feel the heavy burden to be as realistic as possible.

i Am a reading

I bring the text, they bring the reading. To the outside world i will always be a reading. It’s not in my power to create their reading experience. But it is in my power to create my telling experience. If i rather focus on my telling experience the text will reflect what i want to tell myself. The text will be the best i can do.
But this is not a strict set of rules for the creator. The creator is free. If he wants to react to the created, he is free to do so. It’s just the mode of responding that changed. Every reaction is more clear, because there is no identity attached to the created. No reading could ever offend me, because i am always in power. I can create now. What i have created is none of my business, only what i create now is.
All this can be read in the context of external material artwork. But it also applies to the artist as a creation. Even if the artist identifies only as a creating presence, he is aware of the external image he is putting out there. But this image is just like a painting to him, a result of his concious creating always outside of himself able to be responded to. That artist knows he is always ahead of himself in the sense that he is always ahead of his image. He is inspired and thrilled by the opportunity to creatively respond, knowing that the consequence of this response will create new opportunities to respond.

Just respond

Constant creative response is the attitude. But, as soon as the artist forgets this freedom to respond, he may feel the need to critizize or defend the artwork. If the artist is aware, everything is possible, self criticism becomes unnecissery, because every moment is a new beginning. If i don’t like the colors i chose yesterday i choose different ones now. Or better said: Criticism, even self-criticism can never be personal to the concious creator. Because the personality of the artist does not identify with his past self, he is only responding in the now. He is the process not the result.
The concious creator knows: There is me and there is my story. I am only rooted in the present moment and my story is just a result of imagination. Even if it happened the way it is told, it is the telling that contains all truth and aliveness.
But also praise and appreciation can’t be taken personal. The creator knows that it is not the creator, but the created, that is appreciated. He can be happy to see someone happy. And he can be proud of the created, but never of himself. He is not creating the experience. If anything it was his past selfe’s text and the present other’s reading. „I am glad“, he says „that you are able to experience the created that way. It has nothing to do with me. I am just here with you.“